Grove and Vine 5L Bottle

We are pleased to offer our large format 5 liter bottles typically reserved for acclaimed NYC restaurants direct to consumer.


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Grove and Vine Olive Oil Subscriptions offers exclusive access to limited edition custom extra virgin olive oils sourced and artfully blended by Grove and Vine co-founder, Oleologist Nicholas Coleman. Oils are always new harvest and fresh. Annual members receive four (4) limited premium extra virgin olive oils throughout the year from different olive oil regions around the world.

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Members receive 375ml or 1500ml bottles with tasting notes, harvest info and more.

olive oil subscriptions

Our Latest Regional Olive Oil

Current Membership Oil:  Coleman Collection #20
Producer: Monte Olivo
Cultivar: Hojiblanca
Origin: Maipo Valley, Chile
Harvest: March, 2020

olive oil subscriptions

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The Grove and Vine olive oil subscription makes a great gift for any occasion.


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Tasting Table

Photos by Nicholas Coleman and Leslie Brienca

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