The Grove and Vine Olive Oil Membership offers exclusive access to limited custom extra virgin olive oils sourced and artfully blended by Grove and Vine co-founder, Nicholas Coleman.  Oils are always new harvest and always fresh.  

What do I get as a member?

Annual members receive four (4) quarterly limited premium extra virgin olive oils throughout a calendar year.  Each oil is delivered in a dark glass bottle (375ml or 1.5L) complete with tasting notes, harvest information, wine pairing suggestions, a regional recipe, and a hand-numbered original photograph of the grove or mill.  Oils are shipped approximately every three months.  

Members are entitled to purchase additional bottles of oils at discounted prices, pending availability.  Upon purchase of a membership, members will receive a password to access the Member Login page where these transactions can be processed.  Shipping rates apply.  

Current Oil Shipping:  Coleman Collection #10; Frantoio Grove Frantoio 2017 from San Martin, California.  

How does it work?

The key component to enjoying olive oil is ensuring that it's as fresh as possible when served, and this is where the uncompromising quality of our membership offering comes in. Each year, Nicholas Coleman teams up with four of the finest producers in the world and flies over for unprecedented access to their tanks at the moment of pressing to make custom blends at peak freshness. Shortly after pressing, the oils are bottled and shipped to each member, never reaching their destinations more than a few months after the harvest.  We include two oils from the northern hemisphere and two oils from the southern hemisphere throughout the year, guaranteeing your oils are of the freshest and highest quality. 

No one else offers this service.  We are the only company that operates with this level of meticulous detail and quality control in the olive oil sector.

Looking for the perfect gift?

The Grove and Vine Membership makes a great gift for any occasion.  Fill in the recipient's shipping info and write a custom gift message at checkout.  You can also leave an email address of the recipient who will receive updates and promotions about their membership following delivery of the first oil.  

Free Shipping on all domestic orders. 

For questions regarding international shipping or for any other inquiries, please contact us. 

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